Monday, August 29, 2005

Taboo Topics for Stepmothers - Part 1: Bratty Stepchildren

Children of Divorce (COD) are to be pitied and are societies victims. Or so the party line goes.

The reality can be quite different, particularly when CODs realise the whole world revolves around them. Or at least they're taught it does.

The parents of CODs are to blame for the most part: they can say what they like about their children's behaviour, but heaven help the poor fool who has any ideas that might be similar. Stepparents for example, are wise to hold their tongues lest they incite the wrath of the 'guilty parent'. As a result many steparents suffer in silence. I'm not a stepfather but I imagine some of them go through similar things as stepmothers.

It's funny, last week I heard of a step-grandmother who intensely dislikes her own COD grandchildren, but really likes her step-grandchildren. Why? Because her son's CODs are horribly behaved brats; her daughter-in-law's CODs are well-behaved. Imagine if it were reversed and step-grandma thought her own grand-CODs were wonderful and their SM's kids were awful? That wouldn't go over too well. Funny how disliking your own flesh and blood is acceptable, but disliking someone outside the bloodline is not. Very hypocritical and strange phenomenon.


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